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  • Zaino

    So I just wanted to quick post my experiences/review of the Zaino car products. I have a 2009 black BMW 535 and it was all junked up from the northeast salt and winter grime. I wanted to have it professionally detailed to rid it of that garbage and to buff out the swirl marks. I did a bunch of research, mainly on, and decided to give it a whirl myself.

    I bough the Zaino Ultimate Detail kit and some other products from Autopia and spent 4hrs detailing it all myself. The results were AMAZING. Swirl marks are GONE and it is like glass. Not even a swirl mark on it and I didn't even buff. Highly recommend Zaino.

    My process was as follows...

    1- Wash with Dawn to rid of wax and grease
    2- Clay with Zaino clay bar and Zaino all purpose was for lube
    3- Rinse
    4- Z5 seal w/ZFX
    5- Z6 gloss enhancer
    6- Z2 wax w/ZFX
    7- Z6 gloss enhancer
    8- repeat steps 4-7

    I also did the interior with a leather cleaner and leather conditioner. Water beaded off last night and when I saw it dry in the garage it was as if it was never rained on.

    In the future I will be able to quick was with the all purpose and a quick Z6 gloss enhancer. So the 4hr bi-annual detail is long but the washes inbetween should be 30 minutes tops.

    Highly recommended for car enthusiasts.

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    I also highly recommend Zanio products. When I had my 2003 Mach 1, I used it all the time. Easy application and easy removal.