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Shotguns are the best choice for self defense

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    Yes most cops are absolutely 100% against gun control. I personally, am more of a moderate.

    That said, here is one thing to consider regarding guns...this is happening here in SoCal and I could see this trend spreading to other areas. The black gangs from Los Angeles (Crips and Bloods both) are working in sophisticated burglary crews. It would take a while to explain, but essentially they will send crews into the suburbs (like where I work in Orange County). They do what is known as "knock knock" burglaries where they knock on your door and if you answer they tell you they are lost or are looking for someone name XXXX (whoever). Obviously if you are home, they leave. BUT, if you are not home, or do not answer they then go around to the side yard or backyard and force entry.

    Note: The homes they target are the ones that have NRA stickers, any type of signs related to gun ownership like "Beware of Owner" with a gun decal on it, AND also any type of patriotic stuff...particular POW/MIA, American flags etc. Why? Because these are the type of people that typically have guns inside. They are looking for cash, jewelry, and guns. This is not an urban legend I know this for a fact and have investigated these exact crimes.

    This is something to consider, because if you think the NRA stickers etc. will scare off criminals, the fact is it might actually make you a bigger target!
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      Regarding what Swaminator said: This happens in Australia too. The saying by crooks is "Guns are Gold". They will break into your house for the guns, follow cars home from the shooting range.

      A few yrs ago Police at a town near me got back to their station around 2pm to find an armed male waiting in ambush to get the police guns. The male fled when officers outsmarted him. Another Police station that is not open 24hrs was broken into and 16 glocks and the entire safe stolen. They cut out the floor.

      A primary Industries building was broken into as well and 10 SLR .308 rifles stolen. Also a gang ambushed gun range staff when they arrived for work and stole 24 handguns, see link:

      When guns are scarce their black market price only rises. Crooks hold guns in a very high regard and will actively target their locations.

      I am a cop and the gun control efforts here are wrongly targeting citizens with a gun license, this targets normal citizens with no criminal record, no domestic violence record.....yet the crooks get a slap on the wrist.
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        Originally posted by Adam2433 View Post
        After being in more than enough gunfights in houses I can assure you that an M4 variant is my last choice of weaponry for the situation. I would take a shotgun first and pistol second.

        If I am going to expose myself with a long muzzle its going to be with something with more stopping power than a 5.56 that takes multiple center mass hits.

        Plus regardless of the spread pattern of a shotgun it is going to be better chance of hitting its intended target than either a rifle or pistol held in the adrenaline pumped hands of an inexperienced gun fighter.
        Not to mention the incredible and distinct sound made by a shotgun blast. That in itself could make some home intruders rethink their plans.
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          Originally posted by 46er View Post
          Yeah, Dunhill the thread is about Biden being an idiot- But it is more about the fact, our Government is leading the charge to disarm its subjects, when the 2nd Amendment was clearly written to keep government from becoming too powerful and oppressive.
          In total agreement. We have done this to ourselves. We have allowed our constitution and bill of rights to be trashed over and over in the name of "safety". We have willingly relinguished what we can not...and no one cares. Our rights can not be taken, relinguished, transfered... they are ours as Americans...yet somehow that has happened....and we smiled and felt "safer".
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            every regulation that they tried to pass on assault rifles ended up dead in the water. not going to happen except maybe a more thorgough back ground check. i understand people, especially gun nuts who want to keep their assault rifles out of principle or whatever but honestly you dont need an ar-15 to protect your family unless your tony montana and theres a colombian death squad coming for you. a 12 gauge is more than enough for home protection, it spreads and even if by some chance you didnt hit you getat least six more opportunities to try and saw the guy in half. burglers really dont want to get shot and theyre usually not coming to jump into a firefight, the sound alone would be enough to run most intruders off. so yeah i understand assault rifles are cool and all i dont think they should be banned because i could care less, if a criminal wants one he'll be able to find it, but they really have no practical use for a regular civilian outside of showing them off to your friends. all that gun regulation talk was just typical political hype to get everyone distracted from the real ass fucking theyre giving us when we'er not looking. not to mention the gun companies were cumming their pants by selling a shitload of marked up assault rifles and rounds. fuck our countries attention span is so short no ones hardly even talking about this anymore.


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              What shotgun will, "saw the guy in half"?

              It's the spread of that type of misinformation and perception about guns that makes the average citizen fear them so much and the gun rights battle so difficult. Hopefully you were just exaggerating for dramatic effect.


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                Originally posted by PBRevolution View Post
                I think it's funny how people assume the shotgun pellets/shot will magically spread out AT HOME DEFENSE DISTANCES, out of a typical 18in barrel shotgun.
                Originally posted by sloowdown View Post
                a 12 gauge is more than enough for home protection, it spreads and even if by some chance you didnt hit you getat least six more opportunities to try and saw the guy in half.
                lol :tsk:
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                  Fbi keeps statistics on this type of thing. Shotguns are statistically more effective for home defense. Not that i agree with ars being banned. But i really dont see why anyone cares if they are