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    Miami Heat- This is pretty cool for them to show a fun side.

    2014 USPA Nevada State / Regional Championships - 1,168 total

    2014 USPA National Championships - 1,235 total

    2014 Village Gym Meet - 1,260 total

    2015 USPA Camp Pendleton Meet - 1,235 total


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    Guys on ESPN were complaining about this. ...I don't see the problem, basically just #6 and crew being goofballs.
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    17 AAU Super Total
    '16-AAU Hi
    '15-USPA Metro
    '15-USPA State
    '15-AAU HI
    '14-AAU HI
    '14-USPA Metro
    '14-WABDL Sonny's
    '14-USPA State
    '14-HI Strongman
    '13-WABDL Sonny's
    '13-USPA State
    '13-AAU HI
    '11-USPA Metro
    '10-NPC Stingrey
    '09-NPC Islands
    '09-NPC Stingrey
    '09-ABA Islands
    '02-ABA Islands
    '02-ABA IronWorks
    '01-NPC Paradise Cup
    '01-ABA Olympia
    '01-ABA Islands
    '00-NPC Nat.Tri-State
    '00-INBF Musclefest
    '98-NGA Ill
    '98-INBF Ohio


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      Complaining as in welcome to last week/month?
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        Originally posted by nexa View Post
        Complaining as in welcome to last week/month?
        That's what I thought too. I'm pretty sure sports stars get youtube on a one month delay.


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          I don't know what you guys are talking about.. but this one I would NEVER complain about!


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            Originally posted by 13b-t View Post
            i don't know what you guys are talking about.. But this one i would never complain about!

            yaaaaaaayyyyy! Hurrraaaay boobs!
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              Wow. The original Harlem shake I didn't understand at all. But this one you have posted has really made me think that it may be something worth investing a little more time with.
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