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Woman Gets Parking Ticket in Traffic Jam

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  • Woman Gets Parking Ticket in Traffic Jam

    Woman Gets Parking Ticket in Traffic Jam

    OSLO, Norway (AP) -- Renathe Opedal was hopelessly stuck in traffic during rush hour when an overeager attendant slapped her with a $73 parking ticket.

    Opedal, 32, couldn't believe it. So she took the case to court -- and got the ticket anulled, plus an award of $585 for costs.

    "I'm really glad I won," she said by telephone on Friday. "But it took much too much time and energy. I'm glad it's over."

    On March 26, traffic had backed up in the southern town of Kristiansand during rush hour and Opedal's car got stuck in the middle.

    According to the ruling by the Kristiansand District Court, the city parking attendant misunderstood the situation and thought Opedal had caused the traffic jam by parking illegally.

    The court ruled that the traffic attendant was wrong, canceled the ticket, and ordered the traffic department to pay Opedal $585 in costs.

    "Parking companies do some pretty strange things sometimes," said Opedal. "They should have ... come to their senses. Instead, we had to go to court."

    Kristiansand is on Norway's southern tip, about 175 miles (280 km) south of Oslo.

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    Looks like something one of our local police dept's out here would do...
    Heckman aka "WISE" OLD MAN


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      They are that bad too?