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    Democrat plans 'girlie man' Schwarzenegger doll

    Thursday, September 9, 2004 Posted: 9:35 PM EDT (0135 GMT)

    SAN FRANCISCO, California (Reuters) -- California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger called Democrats "girlie men" during a recent budget battle. Now, a Democratic lobbyist wants to turn him into one in the form of a bobblehead doll in a hot pink dress and matching pumps.

    The Republican governor, a former bodybuilding champion, first made the remark during California's budget fight with the state's Democrat-controlled legislature. The comment, which drew howls of protest from Democrats, echoed old Saturday Night Live television show skits about bodybuilders.

    "If there is a perfect example of a girlie man it's Arnold," lobbyist John Edgell said Thursday, adding that Schwarzenegger's jibe at Democrats and efforts to halt the sale of an earlier bobblehead doll both invited satire.

    "I'm driving home the point to Schwarzenegger and his closest advisers that it's the American public's right to poke fun at politicians," Edgell said. "If they have a problem with that they can sue me."

    Schwarzenegger's office declined to comment on plans for the new doll. His private lawyer was unavailable for comment.

    Edgell earlier this year developed a bobblehead doll of Schwarzenegger in a business suit toting a rifle as a satirical and political statement against his action films. Edgell described the movies as "mindlessly violent."

    A company owned by Schwarzenegger sued to stop its distribution. A settlement allowed the sale of a bobblehead doll of the Hollywood icon without the weapon.

    Edgell said he expects to begin distributing the frock-clad Schwarzenegger dolls in early October.

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    I think that is funny! He should be honored to have a bobble head doll that looks like him..
    Heckman aka "WISE" OLD MAN


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      I take offense at the term "girlie man"

      No worries...Not gonna get on my soapbox it has been retired!
      Greek women, we may be lambs in the kitchen, but we are tigers in the bedroom.

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