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Merry Christmas!

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  • Merry Christmas!

    Merry Christmas Intense Muscle! I hope everyone who's part of the IM family here has a happy and festive day and holiday season!!


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    Same to you!

    "When the knees hurt you just wrap tighter."-Skip

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      Thanks Steel!

      I hope everyone has a great time with their families and has a little fun with the gift giving too
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        Merry Christmas, enjoy the day with friends and family, remember those who cannot be with us for many reasons, Armed Forces, Police, Fire, Public Service, whatever the case may be. Remember as the year comes to a close and a new one begins. Make a point to let all the negativity go, forgive, never forget and always remember to love. It's easy to be angry and hard to let go but remember what life is all about, living. I wish everyone here regardless of whether we ever interacted or got along, a Merry Christmas, I don't care about your religion or political view but wish you happiness none the less.
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          Merry Christmas, and well said Robb.

          I will be working, unfortunately. Yesterday, 2 fire fighters were killed in an ambush, a police officer in Texas was shot and killed, as was an officer in Wisconsin. I never want to feel what those families will always feel on Christmas Eve.
          Be safe everyone.
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            Merry Christmas to all in the IM family as well!
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              Merry Christmas (but only to the cool people)
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                Originally posted by trucelt View Post
                Merry Christmas (but only to the cool people)
                Merry Christmas to you too!
                Lee Salado, E.P.A.S.


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                  Merry Christmas to the whole crew at IntenseMuscle!


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                    Merry Christmas and a joyous Skipload to all!!!!!


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                      Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. All the food and sharing it with the family was definitely worth trading out for my Friday skipload.


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                        Merry Christmas everyone, family deffinately comes 1st x

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