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Family vacation to Disney World

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  • Family vacation to Disney World

    Just over a week out from my vacation to Disney. Wanted to see if anyone had any suggestions for must see, must do, or must eat? Will have my 3yr old son and 14yr old niece so most will be based on things they will enjoy. We got the 4 day park hopper and planning on sea world one day. Debating universal but afraid there wont be much for my son to do and will leave the wife and I riding all the rides separate. We are staying 7 days but didn't want to preplan too much incase of bad weather. Any suggestions for good places to go on a rainy day?
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    We were just there from Christmas through New Years and it was a blast.

    Are you staying there at Disney?

    We only had weather issues for one day and it wasn't even an entire day so I didn't really have to deal with changing plans.

    We did the Parks for 7 days and didn't do Universal or Sea World, though. I would think that Universal would be a good call on a day that weather seemed to be an issue but ... others are probably going to think the same thing. lol


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      I think I'm the only person who has never been to Disney world!
      Back in the day our family vacations were loading up the car and driving out to the grandparents on Michigan. Who hoo


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        Universal Wont have much aside from the shows for a young one. Sea world was always one of my favorites growing up along with all of Disney parks. Downtown Disney is nice in the evening especially for kids . If its not raining old town is awesome at night and close by especially on Friday nights they do a car show , for a rainy day I recommend wonder works and the Ripleys and , Disney quest is awesome for all ages all indoor 5 story virtual reality arcade.


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          I thought Universal was a lot of fun. They do have some stuff your son may like. For example, they have the Popeye water ride, and they have a Dr. Suess that was geared for little kids. Not sure if he's into Harry Potter yet, but if he is, I think he'd enjoy that. If you do get a chance to go, make sure you hit up the spiderman ride.


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            Been there 3 times love it. Universal studios amazing. Epcot center is more for tourist. It's about different cultures. Kind of cool. Depends on how much time you got.


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              My advice, having had 4 sons and several trips there....don't try to pack too much in, especially with a 3 year old. Keep a day or 2 to do "non-park" type things. Drive around, check out "Old Town" in Kissimmee, just find some cool low stress stuff. You will all appreciate the vacation so much more that way.
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                Thanks for the replies. We are staying at at one of the disney places (coronado springs). The inner kid in me is leaning toward universal if we have time for it. I will def have to check out old town as I have have never even heard of it. I am all for the low stress, go with the flow vacation but still trying to convince my wife we don't have to have something planned everyday.
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                  I just recently got back from my honeymoon at Disney. Hope you are yours had a great time. I personally enjoy universal much more than Disney but Disney has more for your lill one.
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