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Top recruit collapses in court

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  • Top recruit collapses in court

    I wonder how this thug is going to be treated in prison after looking like such a puss in the court room.
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    I like how the judge wasnt even bothered and even got upset saying I haven't finished yet. O well you break the law you go to prison, it's disgusts me all those people stood up for him. It says they have him on video tape dragging his girl by the hair.


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      "But Barker reminded him that the security video from the apartment building shows him kicking Lane in the head as she cowers in a corner."

      Who the hell does that.

      And furthermore who the hell does that, have it recorded on video and is remotely surprised at going to prison for three years. WTF*

      *assuming a full on, legitimate kick, not some kind of touch with your foot that get lawyered up into a 'kick'


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        I think 3 years is pretty apt for dragging a shiela by the hair and kicking her in the head. Especially since it is on tape.
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