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Some of us don't have it so bad...

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  • Some of us don't have it so bad...

    We all can get in ruts and bitch and complain about our "problems," i am just as guilty as the next guy. When in reality, most of us really have no real "problems." At least we can do something to change our perceived problems.

    My wife is a zoo keeper, and they recently had their tigers give birth to four cubs. They are not on display yet, since they are so young. Anyhow, today a 4 year of girl, as part of "Make a Wish," was able to view the cubs behind the scenes, because when they are eventually able to go out in their enclosure, she will not be alive to see them.

    When i heard this today, i felt sad. No child should die in the dawn of their life. Just made me think and reflect and thought i would pass it along.
    Have a good weekend.
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    "Could be a bit better, could be a LOT worse......"
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      Thanks for sharing that Breck.

      We all do have a lot to be thankful for. Things as simple as having the ability to train day in and day and being able to go to the store whenever we want to buy fresh food, as routine as they may be, would be considered luxuries by others.

      We'll complain about willingly restricting our food intake when dieting while some would die to be able to consume that much.

      Yeah, things can always be better, but why dwell on what you don't have, be grateful for what you do and make the most out of the resources you have.
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        Great post Breck! Nobody had problems, NOBODY. There are simply people that can accept what is, and those that can't.
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          Nice thread Breck.

          Originally posted by Macho Man View Post
          Great post Breck! Nobody had problems, NOBODY. There are simply people that can accept what is, and those that can't.
          Agreed 1 million %.

          I thank God every day for what I have. I live in the not so greatest area, and all it takes for me to gain perspective is a quick drive down the street.

          Anytime I start getting pussy thoughts like "what a hard day" I think of things like Breck posted.


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            I cant imagine the hell her parents are going through.
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              My car accident gave me such a new perspective on life and it pales in comparison to this little girls situation. Such tragedy has while sad probably makes their entire family appreciate the littlest of things. It is a shame that we all are probably guilty on some level of taking life for granted. A moment to stop, take a step back and appreciate the littlest things is always a good thing.


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                I'm a cop. A while ago I used to drive boats for Water Police. Each year we would attend a show put on in the city for kids in a similar situation. The place they hold it is on the water. We took a very kitted out dive boat with experimental outboards and would wheel the kids and all their equipment up the ramp. These kids are then meant to hold the wheel a bit and "putter" around on the river for 5 minutes. .

                No kid has to "putter" around for the last ride of their lives. They could and often did drive that balls to the wall ride of their life that set the sensor alarms off. Also since they were in a police boat I figured the city water speed limit did not apply.

                We always ran overtime, I never once got anything but a good work letter. The parents were always worried about the speed, any Dr or Nurse that came along thought it was great.

                It put things in perspective for me too.
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