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  • Off-topic ***please read***

    Recently we've had an influx of off-topic threads that have been somewhat controversial. These threads have a tendency to turn into some nasty “debates” as everyone has their own opinions and beliefs. While we don’t want to practice censorship, we do want to avoid a hostile environment on our board, and this can sometimes be a fine line to walk.

    Remember why we are all here, our common denominator is training and nutrition. Some off-topic discussions can be a great way to lighten things up and get to know each other better, but let’s think before posting on controversial topics. There are plenty of news sites and other places where this stuff can be read and discussed or argued, so please consider carefully how a particular topic will or will not be accepted before posting.
    That is all, have a nice day.
    "...because I won't accept that I can't."

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