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Found a cat with FIV and Leukemia...don't know what to do.

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  • Found a cat with FIV and Leukemia...don't know what to do.

    My wife and I found a really sweet cat roaming around our house. I never have met a cat this sweet before. She acts more like a dog than a cat...following you around and hopping around the yard. Even greeting us when we came home. We decided we wanted to adopt her. We got her checked out and unfortunately she has feline aids and luekemia. From what I am reading, it seems the cats can live fairly long, normal lives even with these diseases. The problem is our other two cats....the vet insists that it is very rare for them to contract the diseases, but I am apprehensive.

    So now our only choices are to keep her, find a home for her (it is proving to be very difficult) or put her down.

    Here is a video of her in action...

    I have emailed 10 shelters already, awaiting responses.

    Hell if any of you wanted her, we will pay for the spaying and any shots she requires and even drive her out or if you are really far, we will put her on a plane.

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    Looks like it is not the FIV, but the luekemia that is the issue =(. If she just had FIV, we could keep her for sure. This sucks.


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      I knew that feline AIDS was the number one killer of cats in America. What I didn't know was that it actually existed.

      Sorry to hear that one of the few "cool" cats in the world is sick.
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        Thanks man. It actually is the luekemia that is the issue. Feline aids is not that bad by comparison and is no problem with our other cats as it is basically only spread by sexual contact. But the luekemia is very contagious for our other cats (it can be spread by saliva) and it basically reduces the cats life expectancy to 3-5 years. So there is no chance we will introduce her to our home. A vaccination does exist, but there is always risk in that.

        No shot we will find anyone who will take her, so I am going to build her a sweet fortress outside with huge plastic bins from wal mart. In the winter time, I will build an insulated version. To keep the rain out, I will buy a tarp and mount it to the trees with rope with a slight angle so the rain runs off backwards.


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          If you make a post on reddit in r/aww asking for donations to cure the cat (if cat leukemia can be cured--idk) you will probably receive thousands of dollars worth of donations within the week.

          r/askreddit also might help.


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            Also, that video needs more of your wife in it. :sammich:


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              There is no cure man. FIV can be dealt with, but luekemia is basically a death sentence.

              There is the off chance that she can fight it off somehow if it has not yet entered her bone marrow. There is actually a test you can get for this to determine that, so we will pay for that.

              Never met a cat this cool, so it is really depressing. We are pretty heartbroken over it.

              With that being said, I know we can still give her a better quality life than what she had before even if she doesn't enter our home. Luckily, I have a massive back yard she can play in.


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                Originally posted by ch3v3ll3 View Post
                Also, that video needs more of your wife in it. :sammich:
                I knew this was going to FB with your visibility, so I purposely filmed it that way.


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                  Originally posted by SkinnyMike42 View Post
                  I knew this was going to FB with your visibility, so I purposely filmed it that way.
                  Facebook? Psh...

                  I've already downloaded the vid to my PC and placed it in my porn folder.

                  Shoulda known better than to post a vid of your wife playing with her pussy to YouTube. :sammich:


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                    I have none.


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                      Anyone without pets want a nice companion? We will drive up to a few hundred miles to transfer her as well as pay for everything she requires.


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                        There's a Dr. Marty Becker on FB that may be able to help. Lotta people follow him. Might be able to have him post up the vid and ask for any potential adopters.


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                            Added couple of pics and a new video. Please like the page if you are on facebook.