Not a fan of his and never will be BUT I gotta give him props FOR THIS. I hate when most celebs pick a "cause" because they never really reach into their own pocket, instead they ask everyone else to and take a tax deduction for donating their 'time' (I don't remember who it was but I wanna say Jlo who did a one song performance and claimed it was a 10 million dollar show... Kelly Clarkson on the other hand just wrote off her basic expenses after doing a show over seas...anyway). So I give him props for the 1 million dollar minimum donation. Yea he can still deduct it (well I'm sure his company can) but it is still more than 99.999% of the celebrities out there do....while asking the rest of us to reach in our pockets.

Edit: oops, here is a link if ya ain't read about it.