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    Anyone here into it? Just curious. If so has it had any positive/negative impact on your training/lifts? I have a friend who goes and wants me to give it a shot. Even though I've never really done it I can see myself having some fun with this and maybe turning it into a new hobby but I also don't want it to have too much of a negative impact on stength gains. Either way I'm pretty pumped to give it a try and see what it's all about.

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    I know this is kind of old thread, but hey, why make a new one.

    Curious to hear if ch4881 ever started climbing

    I used to lift, but never proceeded from intermediate trainer into anything bigger. I liked training hard and dedicating, but I was doing the wrong thing. I had strong training periods but they never lasted more than 6 months. After years of training on-off I realised I was pursuing something I didn't have a true passion for. Then I tried climbing...

    The last time I went to a gym was in May this year. I haven't really had an urge to train at the gym since I started climbing bit more than a year ago. It has been an mind-blowing trip to something I truly have started to love and have a passion for. It's hard to describe, but I just love the whole situation, indoors or outdoors... It's just you and the wall/rock/boulder, and it's just so... Tender! Overpsyche before you climb and you're just completely fucked at some point, probably at the crux you'll just overdo it and fail. Without the proper mindset you'll gonna pussy out and not quite make the move like you should. It's so different from gym, just love it!

    Although I miss the huge adrenaline rush from going balls to the wall at the gym, you just can't do it so easily in climbing. The adrenaline is different, more about fear and overcoming the fear than in the gym where I just went all out and lifted bigger than before - that's what I miss. You just don't get the feel of going balls to the wall when you climb, no matter how hard you go. But it's not enough to keep me motivated to train at the gym, so I feel I made the right choice.

    The community around climbing is so wonderful here, it's still slightly underground so everybody cheers each other and makes friends easily. I've made more than a dozen friends in the year I've spent climbing.

    I'm waiting for next summer when I can climb outdoors again. It's too cold and snowy here in the winter, so it's just indoors training for me. Fortunately there are good facilities for that here. Here's a clip of me training at the local indoor "cave"
    I really love how much there is to progress in this sport... For example, if you look at some of the great guys training, it looks so easy for them... But I can tell you there's just no way in hell I could do even the first move of the route.

    Another thing I love about climbing is going outdoors. It's just something I could do for weeks - go out, climb, eat, rest, sleep, repeat. Unfortunately the modern life makes it hard. My best memories from this year are those few outdoor climbing trips I made - Even though I couldn't complete many problems. Those days just flied!
    Some videos and pics I really love...
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