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just spoke w/Sweatmachine...

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  • just spoke w/Sweatmachine...

    ....he called as I was out getting new jeans to fit over my fat ass...... :dcchomp:
    anyway, he and the wife are safely out of Melbourne and in Georgia. He says there are few hotel rooms anywhere but they are set for now.
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    That's good news, KR. Thanks for the update.
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      Yes, very good news. I bet alot of people will be hung up in traffic, running out of gas, etc..

      Hope GNB and wife fare as well as Sweat has.
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        Great News, I am reading and watching CNN on TV to keep up with the news of whats going on there. My heart goes out to everyone there.
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          Glad they're ok... now what about the rest of our floridians?
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            Thanks for passing that along, KR. It's good to know.
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              Glad that Sweat and his wife are OK. Heard there was a large migration to Georgia. Just hope everyone down there will be OK.


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                Man, I was JUST thinking about him while watching the weather channel with my wife.

                Glad to hear that he got out of there.


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