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September 12th, Forget Me Not.

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  • September 12th, Forget Me Not.

    Hey guys, I just wanted to introduce myself respectfully. My name is Cam Smith and I live in Elkridge, MD and I am 21 years old. I started weight training in at 16 and 105 lbs after I got sick and lost some weight in the offseason for wrestling (I was 112). Since then I have built up to 165. However, in the last year some shit in my life has happened both for the better and the worse, and while I still have a passion for weight training, I have seen myself go through a small depression as far as it is concerned. My goal is to reach at least 200 lbs before 2014. I have experimented with the DC training methodology, however I still find myself needing some form in squats/deads and needing to really amp my strength in these lifts up. I'm always open to criticism and adjustment. I appreciate whoever took the time out to read and hope to interact with everyone around here! My favorite bodybuilders are DH, Lee Priest, and Franco Colombu.
    -God Bless You All,

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    Oh, yeah, stats:
    165 LBS
    BF: between 10 and 12%
    Half Black Half Native American


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      Hi Cam,

      People are going to request your training routine. Please be specific.
      ...playing Bingo at the Senior Center :shocked:


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        Hey Cam! Another Marylander on the boards, nice! I'm in the Glen Burnie area, just right down the road from you.

        Where do you tain at?

        If you post up you current routine, some of your PRs, the types of training you have done and what has worked well for you you'll get some good feedback and advice as to what, if anything should be changed to help you meet your goals.

        Welcome to IM!
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          Welcome to IM. Great place with lots of good information.

          Contest History:
          2017 Muscle Heat - 2nd Place Masters 40+ HWT & 3rd Place LHW
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          2014 Muscle Heat Classic - 4th Place LHW & 4th Place Masters 35+ HWY


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            Sorry to be later, folks. I recently changed my training plan back to a fully weight oriented one (I experimented with some gymnastics style calisthenics whilst doing leg work for a few months). Currently my split gets mixed every week with either cycling via every other day 3 on 1 off (x2), or 6 on 1 off of the following order: Day 1: Chest and Back/ Day 2: Legs/ Day 3: Arms and Delts. I use a lot of weighted exercises and compound lifts. I learned a few things about my body through my experience with some semi-intermediate gymnastics training, so I use those exercises from time to time. I'm using this split until my birthday when I plan to start my first day of official DC training. Currently I also use the fascial stretch after lifts and keep reps between 4 and 15. (Except legs and warm up sets-- those are 20 reps). I train at Lifetime Fitness currently, but every now and then I go over to the Colosseum gym in Elicott City which is a little more balls to the wall. I also try to attend Krav Maga classes 2x a week and from time to time do sprint training. I walk alot and I eat pretty much anything right now that isn't too unhealthy. I love healthy food though, so I eat a lot of fruit and protein. My best lifts so far are: (don't fucking laugh! lol)
            115's - Dumbbell Press
            80's - DB Push Press
            390- Deadlift
            I don't squat for weight but form right now, however I have done 370 on squats before and I do 11 plates on the Power Squat Machine and 10 plates is a doable leg press load for me.
            DB Rows - 125 lbs
            Dips with 125 attached (my favorite exercise)
            Pullups with 90 lbs attached
            I like to frequent hanging leg raises as well and just anything that feels brutal. I like to come up with ideas and exercises. I also LOVE rack chins, but I never have a partner to load weight so I just do slow slow reps of them for now.


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              Thank you guys for being welcoming and warming. Mentalflex- thanks for the supportive vibe! Not mean like so many Marylanders are haha!