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What to get my wife for her birthday?

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  • What to get my wife for her birthday?

    I suck when it comes to getting gift's for people. Especially the wife. Her birthday is on the 30th. She's not real picky, she's actually pretty easy to buy for, but can you guys throw me some ideas on what I could get her that would be really sweet. She has plenty of jewelry so that's out of the question and she just got a brand new wardrobe.

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    Hmmmmmm...that's always a tough one. Not knowing what she has, I'll just go through some things I've done.

    Trips----a suprise getaway is always nice.
    Concerts---if there is someone she would love to see...arrange the tickets and fly her to that city.
    Gift Certificate to a spa---get her a massage, manicure, pedicure, facial etc.
    Suprise party w/Friends---throw her a small party at a club or restaruant or home w/ her closest this way she'll get more
    A pet---if she's into animals...a puppy is good.

    Good luck!



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      Thanks Raja, that is all good choices. I like the one about the manicure, spa deal.


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        Oooo, Raja! VERY nice, man! Your wife's a lucky woman!
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          Originally posted by TheLil'Missus
          Oooo, Raja! VERY nice, man! Your wife's a lucky woman!




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            The gift of your time and devotion goes a long way. Cook her a great breakfast and take her to great dinner, after the spa treatment. Give her your undivided attention.

            My wife and I had very busy schedules, so when we had a day just for each other it was a real treat. And we made the most of it. No one else existed.

            It will be a great day for her with you there to share it all. Good luck.


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              Get her a meat grinder.
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                Whatever you do......don't buy her new tires for her truck--LOL.

                When my wife and I first started dating......I noticed her tires were kind of bald. So being the practical guy that I am....I bought her 4 new tires for her truck. We laugh about it now......but she wasn't laughing when I got her those tires.

                xRAJAx--those are some great ideas....and yes, I have learned my lesson.....I will not buy her tires anymore.