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  • Tuna Drainer

    I never knew these existed. I hate how the tuna oozes up around the can cover. Anyone have one of these? which kind is better?

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    Thanks for the post I never knew of these. Regardless I am going to to get the second one.


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      i have one like the bottom link. works great except if you use the can that has an easy open lid that does not need a can opener. That type of can the diameter is too short for your tuna strainer.


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        I just buy the tuna in the Pouch. no more can and straining for me. BTW, I had the first one, and it didn't work very well.


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          What's wrong with a fork or a plate?
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            I have one like the 1st link. It fits just at the top of the can but doesn't allow you to press out the water completely from say, a can of tuna, and when you use the smaller inset some of the tuna still gets out. i just use a strainer now with a fork.
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              if you can, try and get the tuna in a can of this kind:

              if you open it and not take the lid completely off but use that to drain out the water you should be fine. always worked for me and i only like the stuff when its dry as fuark be warned tho, you might lose half a gram of tuna in the process :P