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  • netflix- some titles worth watching

    Stumbled on the series, "Flashpoint" and I'm really enjoying it (safe to watch with the kids, too). So I thought I'd ask if anyone has some good titles one might overlook?

    A few I like so far on netflix (instantwatch):

    Any classics with Audrey Hepburn
    Ip Man
    Ong Bak 3
    Election (and just about any movie with Simon Yam)

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    There are soooo many hidden gems...problem is, what you see is about 10% of what's really on there. They only show so much but you can search for tons more, which is easier done on a computer, add to que, then watch elsewhere if that's what you do.

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      I recently got a Roku box to stream on my TV but so far I find few really "good" least newer stuff, on netflix, hulu or amazon. Amazon has been the best pick so far as they at least have the new movies even if they do cost a few $ to watch them. It's kind of like going to blockbuster without having to leave the house.
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        Some of my favorite lesser-known movies that might be on instant stream:
        -Redbelt (my favorite movie of ALL TIME)
        -Big Trouble in Little China
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          If you don't mind subtitles there was these two French movies from a few years ago Called District B13, and District 13: Ultimatum. A little corny but great fighting and free running scenes.
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            French movies tend to be pretty darn good. Well, the actors anyway. The Professional is one of my favorites in that category.


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              'Drowning Mona" is hilarious if you like dark humor.