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    Hey guys, so I've been trying to keep workout logs on various sites over the last few years and it just never ends up being consistent. I DO log all my workouts in a notebook I just never end up getting them online.

    Well I'm going to experiment this year and post my workout's, diet, some training vids, pics and whatnot to a facebook "fan" page. I didn't want to do it on my regular page because not all of my friends on there are going to care anything about it. So I made the fan page and posted about it so any friends that want to can like it, and I figured I would post it here. It would be nice to get some people following along and lending support/motivation and critiques.

    It should be pretty cool(for me anyway, lol) at the end of the year being able to look back and see where I started, my contest pics in between and where I end up.
    Heavy squats fix everything.

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    I remember when you were super fat.. good job man.

    edit: ok maybe not super fat, but very "soft" lol
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      Lol, I was pretty fat. And delusional. I think I'm still very motivated but that motivation is tempered now.
      I do think that if I truly nail conditioning this year I could win my class. We will see!

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      Heavy squats fix everything.


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        I will leave this up because it hasn't been posted before but I won't allow posts like this after this one because I want these types of things to be done here at IM, not on FB. I respect the fact that you want to post it on FB but it would be just as easy to post a link on your regular page to IM and that would increase traffic here instead of having members here go to your FB site to increase traffic to FB.

        I have this site to focus on and I have already been battling FB this last year to keep traffic up and growing for this very reason. So, for anyone reading this, please consider keeping your pictures and updates and journals here at IM and linking them to other social media sites like FB, Twitter, etc.. It would help IM continue to grow instead of FB or Twitter.


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          I'm sorry Skip I honestly hadn't even thought of taking traffic away from your site.
          I have no problem whatsoever linking to IM, or anything else you might suggest to help the site.

          And if you want to take this down I will have no problem with it. Maybe what I can do is continue a log here and link it to FB and vice versa?
          Heavy squats fix everything.