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Glycerol enemas for weight loss.

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  • Glycerol enemas for weight loss.

    Any one else use these to drop some quick weight?
    Lee Salado, E.P.A.S.

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    8 oz.Vegetable Glycerin
    32 oz. of warm filtered water
    mix together in a container
    Or you can use an 8 oz. bulb syringe with the glycerin in it and inject contents into the rectum. Then take a warm water enema as per below
    I'll pass. I hear Heckman is a big fan though


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      What the
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        Originally posted by 0001Delta View Post
        What the
        Its when you squirt a glycerol/mineral oil solution into your rectum to irritate the bowels and then immediately evacuate them. I have had great success with them while dieting.
        Lee Salado, E.P.A.S.


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          I used it to drop weight before my fight with Ken Shamrock.
          Lee Salado, E.P.A.S.


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            Originally posted by Quadriceps View Post
            I'll pass. I hear Heckman is a big fan though
            Oh hell yes...self administered of course..only thing I do different is add some Franks Red Hot sauce to the glycerin..makes for a nice burning effect long after the enema..
            Heckman aka "WISE" OLD MAN


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              I do them but I drink them instead. Preferably used ones to save money.
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                I do them before every heavy set. Great pre-workout energy boost too.

                Sammich, I am very curious as to what you mix them in when you drink them? Right now I mix Muscletech enemas (Nitro Rectal bombs) in with my Muscletech Anabolic HALO and Mass Tech. They are getting my hyyyuuuge and ripped! I think they are making me taller too! Muscletech will do that for ya, ya know...
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                  I mix my Glycerin suppositories with some sticky ichy chronic. I get great weight loss and a pleasant buzz at the same time. I tried Niquill but that made me sleepy.
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