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    I am looking for a digital camera for under $200.00. Can anyone give me some recommendations? I am just looking for the best picture quality for the money...with some versatility. Saw the Kodak z5010 on tv and was thinking of it... It doesn't have to shoot video but that would be nice. I also saw the NIKON 1 but that's almost a grand so HELP me if you are camera knowledgeable. Thanks for any help.
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    Not camera smart, but I have a canon power shot, it's an older one, I've had since high school and it's always been a quick and easy, point and shoot type camera. I bought one of those fancy, $600 cameras, and for the ease of use, I still use my canon most of the time.
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      Nikon's are the only Camera's I will buy. I have had various camera's in various conditions. From -15* (wind chill included) temps and taking pics of the traffic white outs outside of Buffalo, NY to 145* (heat index) in Baghdad, Iraq last year. They have never failed me or done me wrong. Every once in awhile my 'flash detector' in my bigger D3000 will not function quite right, but that usually turns out I just had the wrong damn setting.

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        You can't go wrong with the Canon Powershots. At that price range the ELPH 300HS is probably your best bet if you're looking for a solid compact point and shoot camera.


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          I have a few friends who do professional photography and they all use Nikon. However, they said that Canon and Sony are likely better in the lower end range. I have also heard good things about the Panasonic Lumix. Check out the PowerShot Elph 300 HS (as AndrewR also suggested).
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