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Knee Pain??!?

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  • Knee Pain??!?


    Ok, I know no one here is a doctor, don't tell me to go to a doctor, I will, but it's Sunday and I work tomorrow to, and it's not something that's pressing at this time as it's still completely functional.

    I really think I did something to my knee stretching. I had my leg behind me pulling it after a run, and I think I stretched too far. :target: Besides R.I.C.E. what else is there to do? Been taking an NSAID as well that has been helping with pain. Now, it ONLY hurts when I move at an angle, say...sitting down to put socks on, pick right leg up to put on left knee, it hurts a lot there. As long as I'm just doing normal stuff, there's no pain. No pain walking/jogging, and it seems to hurt more after waking up. I think it's because I get in a position that causes it to hurt, but not enough pain to wake me up. The pain seems to be coming from lower inside of the knee, and really just feels like a strain, no bruising, nothing swollen or anything.
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    Try Time Released Vitamin C. I was having knee pain and my diet guy told me to take Vit C. Within a couple hours I felt so much better
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      have you used knee sleeves for extra compression?
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        Look into Graston . . .it's mainly used as soft tisssue mobilization technique for chronic issues, but I have used it on several acute knee injuries and seen good results