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    Hey fellas,
    In my home town we recently got dumped on by rain. There are a lot of people dealing with flood damage. A good friend friend of mine since elementary school was paralyzed in a car crash in high school. Her home was recently damaged by all this flooding. Her 10 acres of land is under about 5 feet of water!! My wife and I couldn't believe she didn't have flood insurance! Nearly all of her specialized equipment was ruined in the flooding along with a lot of her family's personal belongings. Now she is without power and water so they must evacuate her home. Due to her circumstances, you can imagine how hard it is for her family to find the proper place to stay to take care of her. I mean she has to have special equipment to get her out of bed and even shower her. As much as I dislike most people, in my heart I know this girl deserves help.

    I know how odd it can be just to throw money away to some stranger you don't even know. Nonetheless, I am trying to reach out and spread the word and try to get people to help out if they have the means. I made a facebook page where people can show support and make donations. Please at least stop by and show your support! Thanks everyone!

    Facebook link:
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    We got enough followers to change the URL to a shorter one.