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  • happy ending

    last saturday my girfriend and i head to myrtle beach sc for a much needed vacation together. we have two medium size dogs one a mutt that is pretty much a wonder dog, the other a female pit bull who is deaf. my girfriends daughter agreed to stay at the house in the evenings and my long time neighbor and fellow dog owner offered to help as well since he and the mutt are bigtime buddies. well the deaf must be kept either fenced or on a leash at all times due to what should be tthe obvious reasons. my well intentioned neighbor somehow(i still dont understand how) let the two of them loose.normallythe mutt(jack) will do as told on or off leash but the pit obviously wont come when called and ran off with a stray, jack followed the pit and wouldnt leave her to come back as he called for them called me wed at the beach to tell me they were gone and he hadnt seen them in 3 hours but not to worry they that would come back. the following morning however they still had not returned per step daughter and neighbor was not returning my call. so we packed our bags at 6am and hauled ass home to look for my dogs. now i know some of you probally wouldnt leave the beach to come home and look for dogs, but our dogs are family, there was no way i could stay another 3 days being miserable wondering to thier fate. we get home and begin the search. my brother in law,father, dads gf, and friend aid in the search all day yesterday and into the night coming the woods,side roads,and passing out untold copies of my phone number. honestly i had gave up on seeing my dogs again by time.
    this morning at aabout 8am my dad calls and tells me they are at the pound that they were picked up together aprox. 10 miles away and had to cross a major highway to get to where they were found.

    i know this isnt what you expecting from the title but i needed to vent it
    Overtraining should be one of the lowest concerns. You should focus on optimal training.
    -John Ceasar

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    I would absolutely leave the beach to go search for my dogs. Glad everything worked out well man.

    I had my dog run off when I was younger with a stray and we searched for the longest time and couldn't find her.. Finally we got a call from the grocery store next to our supplement shop that the dog had run into the grocery store looking for us and someone had put her in the back room since they knew she was ours.
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      Sucks about the vacation, but you made the right call. A dog IS family


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        ya the vacation sux but just glad to have my dogs back. going somewhere in august, but will probally rent a house petfriendly!
        Overtraining should be one of the lowest concerns. You should focus on optimal training.
        -John Ceasar


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          Good it turned out this way...
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            Being a cop...... when my old dog got scared and ran off due to fireworks I tasked every car to search for him for three days untill he was found. I also refused to give out info to the news radio stations unless they also ran bulletins on my dogs description, name and to contact your nearest station (we have about 9 stations). I even turned in at news time to make sure they broadcast it.

            I would leave my holliday for my dog and I would make others leave their hollidays too.
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              glad to hear im not alone on dogs trump vacation!
              i know that in the great scheme of thing wars, famine, people losing home etc, a couple of lost dogs is a small sorrow. BUT i feel very lucky to have my dogs back and so happy that i dont have to tell my 13 year old daughter that her dogs are lost.

              on another note, if you are considering getting a dog please visit your local animal shelter and consider adopting, as glad as i was to get my dogs back i was saddened by the number of other dogs awaiting thier fate in a cage and wished i could provide a home for them all.
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              Overtraining should be one of the lowest concerns. You should focus on optimal training.
              -John Ceasar