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Arizona Police Officer Execute Man for Telling Them They Needed A Warrant

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  • Arizona Police Officer Execute Man for Telling Them They Needed A Warrant


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    Wow! Very sad. I hope if he is found guilty he gets the same fate as the boy.
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      This is bad, but, I have seen people snap, cops included.

      I have once, about 8yrs ago had to stand between the suspect and my partner. My partner lost it unrelated to the job we were at and had drawn their batton and was going to use it on said suspect.

      After argueing with my partner for about 20 seconds I was rushed and had to defend myself, drag them from the house and pin them till help arrived. The whole thing was on tape and the suspect and neighbours backed me. My partner took a unplanned career break.

      I have heard it happen to others as well. I know of two coppers that just lost it and shot themselves in the head at work. One was in a meeting full of people, another in the car outside a job.

      All these people had issues going on that no-one knew about untill too late. I assume that will be found to be the case here.

      My question would be around what mental health testing has this officer received in the last yr. I've done well over ten yrs and apart from the enterance psych test have never done another.

      My boss once said to me that cops minds are like rubbish bags, they get filled with shit and if you don't watch out they will break.

      I'm not defending him in any way, just waiting to hear all the other facts.
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