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  • Loss of appetite

    Hi I was wondering if any of you have gone through or are going through this phase. I dont know what the reason is but ever since the weather has warmed up a little ive almost completely lost my appetite, I weigh 208 and eat almost every 2-3 hours 13% bf. Now if i wake up and drink water or eat a banana im full for like 4-5 hours. It sucks because im going into the hypertrophy phase of my lifting next week, and i know im gonna have to keep my calorie intake higher than it is now.

    I dont feel sick or anything, everything is the same besides my appetite.

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    No expert opinion here, but one thing that usually helps me when hot weather starts making me lose my appetite is to have a strong cup of coffee some 10 minutes before I'd like to eat again, which is usually 2 to 2 hours and 20 minutes after my previous meal. It both helps me chow down the food I need to eat, because it seems to eliminate the feeling of being full following the end of my previous meal, and prevents the scorching heat from making me too sluggish. But I don't usually do that after 3:00 PM.
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