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Anyone who has ever had shingles a few questions :

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  • Anyone who has ever had shingles a few questions :

    Curious on some feedback from those who have had shingles as I was diagnosed with it yesterday. How long did you have it ? did you still train ? Did you still use gear while infected ? Did you take any sort of meds for the virus ? Would appreciate responses as I am trying to get as much info as possible from thos who have experienced this painfull ( pain in the ass ) disease.

    Thanks, gorilla

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    If you break out in sores, they will usually give you Zovirax or something similar used for Herpes. It will clear the sores up in a week or two.

    I got them back in December-I couldn't train, I didn't stay on my diet (my fault), and I felt horrible. Hopefully you don't have them as bad as I did. I basically could not function. I still have problems with them-the side of my body that I had them on is still pretty numb. I will feel like I am itching, but it doesn't really help when I scratch it.

    The pain is gone except for when I am really tired, so I have pretty much gotten used to them so training is not a problem now. I am now trying to get rid of the fat I accumulated when I first got the shingles.

    OK, I'm through rambling...if you have any other questions about it, let me know. I hope this helps.