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its a bright Tuuuuesday morn!

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  • its a bright Tuuuuesday morn!

    HA! My turn to start it! Mornin' all!
    (I sure hope GB gets back on the radar screen soon)
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    Good mornin ya'll! Have a great Tuesday!


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      good morning sunshine!!!
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        Good morning.....I hope this week goes by quick. The weekend was way to short.
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          mornin all. this is the longest weekend iv'e had in a long time and im lovin it
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            Originally posted by saturn
            Good morning.....I hope this week goes by quick. The weekend was way to short.
            I agree there. Way to short, and summer is almost over , I feel like its barely started, I know all you people on the east coast can relate. Summer been wet n' cold her in ontario.
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              You poor souls! We've been baking for months! Months! This past week we got this really weird cool front. A fall teaser with highs only in the low 90's. I'm gonna be complaining when we come up on Halloween and its still frickin' hot! Shopping for Christmas trees in shorts kind of puts a damper on the holiday spirit, too.
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                Good afternoon, ya'll.
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