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Good place to buy PS2 games on Internet?

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  • Good place to buy PS2 games on Internet?

    Any of you that play video games know of a good place to buy games online?
    Besides Ebay, that is.
    Just lookin around and was wondering if any of you had any places you preferred to shop at.
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      Hey Munster,

      Here is my suggestion for you, its not uhh ethical, but to tell you the truth, companies like sony really don't give a rats ass anymore.

      Buy a DVD+-R burner, download ahead-nero buring software, and copy/backup the PS2 games you rent or borrow form a local friend. Then go to and puchase a plug in mod that allows you to play these backed up games.

      Total cost:

      DVD burner: $90
      Software: Free to donwload
      DVD Discs: pack of 25 for around $20
      Rentals: $2 a game.

      Its just a thought, if you need help with anoy of this let me know. I owned a playstation 1 with amod chip for about 4 years now, and I own 150 copied games for it.

      Also the DVD burner will allow you to backup DVD movies to add to your collection.
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