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  • 99 members and counting

    I have been keeping an eye on the number of members that have joined the board.....99 as of 9:20 Thursday.....hopefully one of our guests will notice this and join so we will crack the 100 mark.

    You know how we BBers are into numbers!!!!!!!

    Who is gonna be #100?!!

    I think it is quite an acheivement for the board to have this many members in such a short time....barely a week.
    Congrats to Admin and the mods!!!
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    *KidRok goes in to register his alter-ego.....'BarryManilow', this way he wins the prize for number 100!!*
    Waiting for the balloons to drop, horns to blare, whistles blowing.....crowds of people to shower me with gifts......
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      someone will register today no doubt
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        It definitely says something about the type of people that started up this board...especially for only being around, what, a week? Nice job!

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