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  • About Deca19 at Professional muscle

    I dont know if anyone here has been on professional muscle lately but there is a post up about R.I.P. Deca19?? Did something happen to him? Is he really dead? I sure hope not

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    yup, car accident, I saw him a few times on Bolex although I never really talked to him personally, he died in a car wreck


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      I saw this, too, on another board and was quite surprised. I barely knew him but I had seen him post quite a bit at PM and at least one other board. It is sad to hear of things like that.


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        damn he wasnt that old. shit sorry to hear about that.


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          I knew chad personly and helped him out a little for the teen nationals.. great kid and very motivated..... this hit me hard as i considered him a freind like i due with ALL clients
          RIP my friend -KidRok


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            And, if I recall, he was putting on some MAJOR size, too. Sounds like he went out like a warrior, albeit much too soon.

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            The Book Has Arrived!

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              Aww thats horrible, so sad, when did this happen? He had been putting on some size, he wanted to do a National this year. Great guy he was, had dreams just like all of us, of going pro one day. Seems like only the good die young. Lets all pray for his family, that God be with them and comfort them in their troubled times.