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    Rocky Horror Picture Show:

    For well over 25 years, fans have flocked to midnight screenings of the Rocky Horror Picture Show. The original movie came out in 1973 as a British musical. It was then turned into a motion picture, which was released around the time of the dying out glam rock scene. Then, it was to be screened "only" at midnight, later the decision turned out to be a stroke of genius. Midnight movie going had become popular among young film buffs and turned the movie into an instant cult classic.
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    Wow...I remember that one! Well kind of..Those were the days of twisting fat ones...hehe hehe
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      Would you beleive I worked in a movie theatre in Detroit when that came out, that was real cool, hell I even got overtime to do that show, I made 2.85 per hour OT...
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        Touch me Touch me touch me touch me...I want to feel dirty!!!!!!!! I loved that movie. I have been a Time Warper for many years now! Thanks for that memory trip!


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          Originally posted by In-Human
          I made 2.85 per hour OT...

          Damn, thats hows you retired at such an young age...
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            Originally posted by winnie
            Damn, thats hows you retired at such an young age...
            My check for 2 weeks was like 64.00, man I was rich, I cashed it and right to the grocery store...
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              I vaguely remember it.
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                OK, for those hardcore afficionados, here is a list of some of the mistakes committed to celluloid on The Rocky Horror Picture Show:
                1. Brad, Janet, Dr. Scott, Columbia, and Rocky are turned into naked stone statues. At the beginning of "Rose Tint My World" the statues are in the same positions but somehow have been dressed. Multiple impossibilities: all are wearing high-heels despite being frozen "flat-footed", the gloves have a loop that goes over the index finger despite all of them making a solid fist on that hand except Janet whose fingers are completely solidly entangled in her hair, all of Dr. Scott's clothes have been put on him despite being attached to the wheelchair in back and his legs covered with the stone blanket.

                2. Dinner party - Brad's party hat: After serving Dr. Scott's wine, Riff Raff passes by Brad's chair and knocks his hat off the back of the chair so it's hanging by the string. In the next shot showing Brad a few seconds later, it's back to its normal position.

                3. When the castle is about to blast off, Brad and Janet abandon Dr. Scott's wheelchair at the door of the castle and carry/drag him across the porch and down the steps. After the blast off, Brad, Janet, and Dr. Scott are on the grass and have been blown some distance apart from each other (in the UK version, there's another song where Brad and Janet crawl toward Dr. Scott so they are blown farther apart than shown in the US version). It seems extremely unlikely that the remains of Dr. Scott's wheelchair just happened to fly from the doorway to land directly under him during the blast. Brad and Janet can barely crawl so they didn't move him or it.

                4. At the end of the movie, after the Transylvanians have blasted off, you see Dr. Scott's wheelchair smashed on the ground. Shortly thereafter, you see Brad and Janet wheeling him in it.

                5. During "Sweet Transvestite", Frank throws his cape off onto the throne. Part of the cape is over the left side of the back of the throne and the front of the left arm of the throne is not covered at all. There's a cut to Brad & Janet, then when it cuts back to Frank the cape is evenly draped over both arms of the throne covering them all the way to the floor with none on the back.

                6. The criminologist describes the events of the movie as taking place "on a late November evening". In the very next scene, Brad and Janet are driving in Brad's car, and President Richard Nixon's resignation speech is playing on the radio. Nixon resigned in August of 1974.

                7. After Dr. Frank-N-Furter gets out of the pool, and is being threatened by Riff with the Anti-Matter Laser, the tattoo on his left arm seems to have mysteriously washed off. It's running and illegible. [Also earlier, when he's still in the pool, there's barely a smudge, but when he gets first gets out it's quite clear]

                8. The saxophone Eddie plays in "Hot Patootie" has no reed.

                9. When Dr. Scott is being thrown through the castle by the Triple Contact Electro-Magnet, you can see the cable and the groove in the floor the cable runs in pulling his wheelchair at the top of one of the staircases.

                10. As Brad and Janet enter the ballroom at the beginning of "The Time Warp", a red carpet runs from the throne at the opposite end of the room, down the steps, and clear across the floor to the ballroom entrance. After the second verse, as Riff-Raff and Magenta dance across the floor, the carpet stops short at the bottom of the steps. The full-length carpet reappears and disappears several times during this number.

                11. At the beginning of the film, just after the wedding photo is taken we see the father of the bride run up the church steps. Seconds later, we see him running up the steps again.

                12. After the "Time Warp" while they are showing the characters lying on the floor, you can see Janet starting to say her lines in the background.

                13. When Brad draws the heart on the door, it's a different shape then in the close-up.

                14. During the song "I Can Make You A Man" as the vaulting horse is pushed away you can see the stage hand in the lower left screen pulling the cord to keep it will only see this in the theatre - the TV version crops it. (also visible on widescreen DVD version)

                15. After Frank kisses Janet's hand, as she puts it back by her side you can see his lipstick on it. When she reaches out to take the shirt from Brad, Frank's lipstick mark is gone.

                16. When Magenta is undressing Brad, there is a shot of her unbuttoning his shirt, but in the next shot it's still buttoned.

                17. Near the beginning of "The Time Warp", we see the fat male Transylvanian handing a tray of snacks to someone off-screen to the left. In the very next scene, he is holding the tray of snacks.

                18. When Janet is fainting after Frank comes down the elevator, she is lifting up one hand. In the close-up it's the other hand.

                19. In the dinner scene, Riff Raff pours Dr. Scott's wine in one shot and again in the next shot.