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Someone has talent!!!

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  • Someone has talent!!!

    Nice layout, and options at IM.

    My house-mate sachet told me about this board a while ago when it 1st went up, and i've been a lurker.(shame on me!!!) I'm following Supersport around so he can keep me company. :boobies: lol

    I see some other familiar s/n's....hi to those, and those who I don't recognise too.

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    welcome fancy, glad to have ya here
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      Supersport? Hmmm...not a very wise choice there. Be careful - he's a lurker of a whole different variety...hee hee...


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        Welcome to IM former lurker!
        Heckman aka "WISE" OLD MAN


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          welcome Fancy!
          Hope the new board layout "strikes your fancy".....hehhehehee
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            Originally posted by KidRok
            welcome Fancy!
            Hope the new board layout "strikes your fancy".....hehhehehee

            @ KR

            Even though I said "hi" on another thread, I'll say it again......"Hi! So glad to see you here."
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              mobsta- thanks!!! IM has it's own *family* protection (mobsta) too??? lol

              IM- yah, I've seen a little of him when that "lurker of a whole different variety" comes unleashed. hahaha!! All while I was lurking of course.

              Heckman- thanks!!! I'll need a symbol next to complete it.

              Kidrok- lol It does!! With your post, it's tickling my fancy now!!! hehehehe!

              Kidrok's lady- HAHAHA!! I eye-roll at my Mike's jokes a lot, but, they're what makes me smile when things are shit during the day, and I think back on the last things he's said to me or others that make me roll my eyes. LOL so i relate!! Thanks for the welcome.


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                Welcome, I am glad that you've decided to register. How is Sachet's summer going out west? Let her know I said Hello and I hope all is well with her when you talk to her next.
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                  Holy Hell!! I have a STALKER??!!! Lmao.

                  Welcome to IM Fancy.......glad to see you over here. Hope ya stick around.....

                  Ahhh, IM^ is alive and kicking I see......(as I rub my hands together while in the process of preparation for IM^'s demise...hehe.)

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                    Winnie- Thanks. I like what I have been reading, and the blend of regs you have here-- it's comfortable.

                    I got a message on the answering machine that Lacey got out to LA, was w/her sis in Glendale, and that's the last I've heard from her besides getting a b-day present last wk. She wrote in the card that she helped a friend's friend w/their warm-ups at the Charity horse show at the San diego Fair (she was in Del Mar w/friend Trish). That opened the door to meeting some specialist thru this one and that one, and she was told she could do some rounds w/him at one of the cancer hosp, and pick his brain. She was going back to the fair to see the bullriders hahaha, big foot trucks, and fire works tonight......was suppose to move into a condo in La Jolla for the summer, but, i don't know if that happened yet or if she started her research requirements. I'll tell her you said hi next time I talk to her.

                    SS- yah, you have a stalker!!! *holy hell* hahaha!! Thanks-- when it comes to board posting online, I was only on an all girl's site before posting on BM'S board. I'm more into reading than I am into interacting w/ppl online, but, it's nice here, and you're here. lol


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                      Welcome to IM Fancy!!
                      "Well done is better than well said"



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                        Thanks GetnBigr!!!

                        There are a lot of good posts here. There are so many that I don't know where to start adding to them. lol


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                          Welcome to IM....
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                          Have a nice day.

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                            Originally posted by Fancy
                            Thanks GetnBigr!!!

                            There are a lot of good posts here. There are so many that I don't know where to start adding to them. lol
                            Just jump in anywhere you want!!
                            "Well done is better than well said"



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                              Thanx Saturn!!

                              GetnBigr-- hahaha!!! :Phone: easier said than done........i WANT to stick in one forum untill I have read all the posts, but, I'm not that disciplined here. lol