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Dennis James bust info from C. Nichols

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  • Dennis James bust info from C. Nichols

    This is the translation from the Thai newspaper article. I ought to point out that the Thai Rath newspaper is the most highly respected newspaper in Thailand.

    "On 26th February at 9.00am, Dr. Mahaisak (chief of police), and Mr Yakvarachai (drugs officer) along with a DEA officer, arrested Mr Dennis James, the American champion body builder.
    They found hundreds of vials of an anabolic steroid along with 19 E tablets in a parcel sent from Germany to Mr Dennis James at Universe Gym. Mr James admitted that everything in the parecl belonged to him and that he intended to sell the steroids to bodybuilding friends in Thailand, and the ecstasy tablets to tourists visiting Thailand. Police officers were called upon to search his house. Mr James's house was full of bodybuilding trophies. Officers searched Mr James's computer and found evidence showing that he used it to give and receive orders from all around the world. Mr James is charged with holding Ecstasy tablets without authorisation. The maximum penalty for this crime in Thailand is death.
    Thai officers and DEA officers have been watching Dennie James for a long time. He has a business visa to be in Thailand to operate the Universe Gym but officials believe that this was a cover for his main activity - a major agent to import and export steroids which are banned in the United States. It is believed that he receives parcels from the Netherlands via Germany and he then distributes them to other countries, including America. Evidence was found showing that Mr James sells ecstasy tablets via the internet internationally. Police also found parcels in his home ready to be sent to an american address."

    An eye witness account:
    Was in the gym this morning (what a fucking surprise). Remember the huge mother fucker I wrote about that frequents the gym, the one that took Number 4 in the Mr Universe Contest? I wrote a small blurb about him in my Thai Journal 3. He's a huge personality and has literally worldwide recognition and fame for who he is. HIS NAME IS XXXXXX XXXXX, and he hails from the US, my homeland.
    Well, the news is that while I was working out, I watched as a courier of some sort came in and delivered him a small package. Literally seconds after he accepted delivery of this package, he was swarmed by about 10 uniformed Thai police officers, multiple U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) agents, Thai news reporters toting cameras to record the whole episode, and others whose purpose I couldn't tell you. Looked like undercover Thai government officials. Honest to Buddha, at its height, this incident had a few hundred people either involved in the arrest / bust or just watching this spectacle. Wouldn't have been as big as it was were it not for WHO was being busted. And believe me when I tell you from my particular vantage point, I had a ringside seat to everything.
    About 10 minutes after they swarmed him, and after questioning him in the office, they took him away in cuffs. He is literally so huge that he might easily have broken them, but he offered no resistance at all. This was obviously a joint venture between the Thais and the Americans. Not certain why the US DEA was involved, but maybe that indicates that the Americans plan on trying to extradite him back to the US for some offense, otherwise the Thais have obvious jurisdiction, it being their country. I would not have known that this was drug related were it not for overhearing one of the agents identify himself as a DEA agent. This happened when DXXXXX was being escorted out of the gym in cuffs, and one of the guys in the gym who had been chatting with DXXXXX just prior to all the excitement boldly shouted out to DXXXXX, who at the time was surrounded by officials and being carted out, "What do you need, DXXXXX? What do you want me to do?" I did not hear DXXXXX' was something muffled. But the guy extending Mr JXXXXX this kind offer was immediately descended upon by a DEA agent, who identified himself as such upon request by DXXXXX' friend. He was taken away and questioned, as were a couple others in the gym. I was ready for them to question me just because of my IMMEDIATE proximity to all these goings-on.
    Inside info: I don't believe he takes drugs (other than steroids) because it would inhibit his muscle building efforts, but as coincidence would have it, I did overhear him saying to a friend recently that he is in need of money! Hey, there are better ways of making it.
    DXXXXX JXXXX wife, an attractive young Thai lady who also works out regularly at the gym, came in about 5 minutes after DXXXXX was dragged away into an awaiting vehicle, and was obviously surprised at it all. Another indicator that this was staged well in advance was the fact that I overheard the DEA agent (there were many!) telling one of his cronies that "What was she doing here? She was never supposed to be able to leave the house."
    This event will most certainly be all over the Thai news this evening, and may make bigger news just because of who is involved. Heck, half of Pattaya probably knows by now.
    Ringside seat eyewitness account!
    (pronounced: Swet-Mow-Sheen)

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