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    well 2 hours at the damn mall looking for shirts for vagas. nice shirts I can wear out with shorts. WELL THAT DIDNT HAPPEN

    the only way shirts would fit in the arms is if I keep my shoulders down so the bottom of the arms didnt raise up if they did my hands would be numb. the the big and tall shit fit in the shoulders and arms but looked like a damn tint on me.

    the bad thing is I havent even started mass training yet and I want to look good. the t-shirt look is getting old.

    any ideas

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    buy the shirts and have them tailored; it's the only you big guys are going to get shirts that fit.
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      I would say a toga, or a nice silk smoking jacket with your initials


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        KR found this on another board, I hope noone minds me posting it. Maybe it'll help.

        no spend that much money on a high quality athletic fit shirt. I used to be a manager at JC Penney they sell athletic fit shirts there & they are of the highest quality. Stafford or Stafford executive come in athletic fit. You can get a nice high quality athletif fit shirt there. They have more room in the chest and broader shoulders. More room in the biceps & they taper toward the waist. Made for people like us! You wont spend over $40 on one. Just go see for yourself. Make sure you ask em for
        athletic fit. If they have shirts in stock that you like but not in
        athletic fit you can order the color you want through there catolog in most cases and get it in athletic fit 98% of the time.
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