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  • Fox News In Roids

    Their having a special on FOX news about steroids this week. I just saw the advertisement. Its called"THe truth about steroids" then at the end they have some cunt salad saying "the high price of steroid use is , suicide" Ingnorant right wingers...This is me writting to you guys from heaven.
    I didn't catch when it wil be showing can some find out.
    Hairy heavinly nutz:

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    CBS evening news had a story on roids a couple of weeks ago that showed an 18 yr who became "severely depressed" while coming off steroids and then had all the emotional problems, etc. I think it said he started at 15 but stopped when that one kid committed suicide...because of the gear, of course...

    Watching those shows is so frustrating because it so one-sided (etc)...It would be nice, for once, that they talk to someone w/ half a brain and some knowledge on this subject...WTF are 15yos doing w/ this shit anyway...and where is mom/dad? Oh, they are on camera blaming the gear...Only in America..."It aint my fault"..

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