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  • Measuring Scoops

    So how long did you continue to save the measuring scoops that come in protein powder?

    And what did you do with them?
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    we hang them from our xmas tree. they are verwy pwetty next to the colored lights.
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      I collect em, and soon enough get tired of looking at them and finally toss them...
      Heckman aka "WISE" OLD MAN


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        I use mine as drinking glass

        nah.. I toss them away


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          I give them to the baby as he seems to be fascinated with these things.

          Although I do hang on to one just because it is always tough to find that damn scooper when you open a new jug of powder.

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            Anadrol, your avatar is crackin me up!
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              hehe, yeah I laugh everytime I see it


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                I don't save them........I toss them to my Rotty for a chew toy.
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