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  • Changing times....

    I WAS an avid wearer of spandex in the gym. Not too long ago I started wearing the newer styled "hip hop" looking basketball shorts. At first I felt silly and looked like I had little sticks for legs dangling out of my knee length shorts.
    But recently I put on a pair of spandex and thought, GOD THESE ARE GAY!
    Im so used to the long baggy shorts now Im afraid I can never go back to spandex.

    I actually like these new shorts, albiet I have to pull them up over my quads to squat or I get all tangled up. I have probably bought 10 pair now.Im thinking of buying an escalade with 24's now.
    I guess its true, once you go black style shorts, you never go back!

    NO offense to all my Bro/Bro's out there!
    Im just diggin your style...

    peace out aight - aight
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    Yeah, I miss the spandex days. Spendex is so much more comfortable to workout in. I usually have spandex on under my gym shorts.....just feels better. Probably like the feeling powerlifters get with a bench shirt.

    These long shorts get all bound up and feel like I am gonna split the seat of them on leg day.
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