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  • Wanted to say Thanks

    for all of you who voted for me in the contest- I have won the first round and going to the Bahamas...... whooo hoooo

    Thanks for all of your support... I will keep you posted.
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    Congratulations...Job well done
    Heckman aka "WISE" OLD MAN


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      Don't you need me to come along?
      Kid's Wench :flex: and Bon-Bon's sis
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        Congrats.....Post pics after your trip. Pleeeeeeease.
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        Have a nice day.

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          Bahamas....we better get some :boobies: shots on here...Do you have a suitcase large/round enough for my fat ass? Congrats...

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            Very cool, SM. Enjoy yourself.

            ADD: I have never in my life wanted to be sand on a beach more than I do right now. : )

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              congrats SEXYMAMA!!!!
              "Well done is better than well said"



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                LOL @ skip

                Congrats SM!!! I am glad that you one the first round, what's in store for the next round?
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                  they pick 15 more form the 2nd round then 10 from local contests & then all 40 go for a FREE trip to compete for contracts.... so I will keep you all posted.....

                  Least I made it the first round so I have plenty of time to get my but in shape
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                    We should be thanking you. best of luck.

                    skip you kill me sometimes.