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  • What is it?

    I saw this at BassKiller's site, WTF?
    2010 NPC New England - Open & Masters Light Heavy
    2010 NPC Cutler Classic - Open & Masters Light Heavy
    2001 INBF Constitution State - Open Middleweight
    2001 INBF Natural New York State - Open Middleweight
    2000 ANBA Natural Xtravaganza - Open Middleweight
    2000 NGA New England - Open Middleweight
    1999 NABF Maine Super Natural - Open Middleweight
    1999 NABF New England Super Natural - Open Middleweight

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    Man does she need a cruise!...
    "That damn log book" Highest quality protein at the lowest price...


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      That's some freaky looking shit!!
      Heckman aka "WISE" OLD MAN


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        what is it

        chuck you mean you didn't know...its skips latest prodigy, see how dry she is, man absolutely shredded, the little one are trying to blow life back into her after her overall...conditioning I tell ya, conditioning!!! man he works miracles Hope I look like that!


        "nothing tastes as good as being lean feels"


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          I thought it was a nursing ET.
          Please tell your boobs to quit staring at my eyes


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            It looks like a cloning experiment that went way wrong to me.
            Anyone can become angry - that is easy, but to be angry with the right
            person, to the right degree, at the right time, for the right purpose,
            and in the right way, that is not easy.
            -- Aristotle (384-322 B.C.)


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              who cares what it is, it's messed up no matter how you look at it!!!!
              "Well done is better than well said"