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  • What a load off.....

    I live with my GF. Her sister is very much prego, past due date. So my GF's granny is staying with us (my GF and me) here in our small-assed apt. It is so cramped, they got me sleeping on the couch. So needless to say, no nookie going on.

    I should also mention that I just got back from camping on Monday afternoon for 5 days. So in this entire time, I have not been able to rub one out earlier. Today, I just passed the week mark.

    Guess what? The baby came! I was at work so I was unable to attend. The house has been empty for hours now.

    So just to let you know, I'm just taking a break right now. I'm eating a bag of Mother's Cookie Parade cookies.

    So how is everyone else?
    Please tell your boobs to quit staring at my eyes

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    you're too funny jw!!!! hopefully your lady will take care of things for you.
    "Well done is better than well said"



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      Congrats on the empty apartment.
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