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Got back from the lake today...

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  • Got back from the lake today...

    Let me be the first to say it was a blast.

    What did everyone else do for the Merial Day weekend?
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    I worked.

    1- Heroin OD

    1- Fire Investigation at the High School

    watched my daughter march in the parade

    1- Cardiac Syncopal Episode

    watched the Red Sox get thrashed

    1- Car Accident, no seat belt

    and now I'm waiting for the Cardiac Arrest @ 3:00 AM
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      Went camping and ate like it was my job! A little beer too, but I mostly ate.


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        had friends in from out of town; they have 4 kids; they're gone and I can relax again
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          The baby turned 1 and we had a little party for him. Had the family over and it was a pretty good time. He had his own special cake, which was much bigger than I expected, and he tore it apart. It had yellow and blue frosting, which of course, was green all over his face, hair, and walls. Good times...

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            Had my 13 y.o for the weekend...Just hung out ...worked out and then hung out some more! Lot's of pool time this weekend
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              It was raining here all weekend so I stayed in the house. Fixed the sink in the laundry room and played video games most of the weekend.
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