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*PLEASE READ* - It has been a pleasure

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  • *PLEASE READ* - It has been a pleasure

    I just wanted to say that it has been a pleasure to work with/help all of you. My mod status has been taken from me, due to my choice to discuss a certain unliked topic with all of you over the past week or so. Winnie saw this as me being a liability to him, and did what he thought was in his best interest to keep himself safe from any possible trouble. I will sincerely miss all of you, and especially some of the mods which I had the pleasure to work with. They really are very knowledgeable bros, and can offer you a lot of help.

    Winnie, if I portrayed the situation wrong, then I appologize, feel free to correct me.

    To anyone that wishes to stay in contact with me, or get help from me on ANY subject. You can find me at one of the boards in my Sig. Or you can e-mail me at the address in my sig.

    I wish everyone the best of success in training, business, and in life!!


    ADMIN @
    MOD @

    [email protected]

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    Sorry to see ya go crank.....
    Any views or opinions expressed in this forum or in personal correspondences are purely for entertainment purposes and are obviously the product of a deeply troubled mind.

    Have a nice day.

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      Sorry to see you leave crank...I know i've gotten my fair share of good advice from some of your threads..Good Luck To You
      Heckman aka "WISE" OLD MAN


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        Sorry to read this Crank. It has been fun corresponding with you in many threads. I wish the best for you bro.

        " We know that to err is human, but the HIV/AIDS hypothesis is one hell of a mistake"
        Dr. Kary Mullis, Nobel Prize Winner in Chemistry for inventing the Polymerase Chain Reaction

        "The fact is that you can not start off with bad science and end up with good medicine"


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          sorry to see ya go. you know you are gold in my book.
          time is the best teacher, to bad it ends up killing its pupil