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  • Troy

    I'd like to bring up the movie Troy for discussion.

    It was no Gladiator or Braveheart but it was still good nonetheless.

    I just could not buy into Brad Pitt as an actor of this nature. Plus his accent that was there only half of the time didn't do it for me either.

    I would still reccomend this movie to almost anyone though. For the action/blood/gruesome nature of it all.
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    i liked it.

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      i may see it this weekend
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        thanks for the critique gents
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          Loved the movie. Brad Pitt was a good choice for the role IMO. Achillies was a Demi God so it seems right to have someone like Brad as achillies. You know able to bang many chicks and have the athletic build.

          I do agree though, it's not gladiator, but worth the time and money to see on the big screen

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            I just can't see brad pitt in a role like that. He would be better as sparticus. He seem the type to go to bath houses with other men.
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              LOL, I liked it too...

              loved the scene in the beginning when Pitt (btw pitt means dick in swedish, lol) fought that big bald guy..