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  • Google Email - Check it out

    In case you thought about using Google for email, you should be careful.

    Google urged to suspend GMail by 28 firms ...Communications
    Posted on Thursday, April 08, 2004 at 00:03 by Rich Kavanagh

    Following on from Google's announcement of their new GMail service on 1st April, some twenty eight privacy and civil liberties organisations have written an open letter to Google, urging them to suspend the GMail service. Among the twenty eight firms are the World Privacy Forum.

    The letter also calls upon Google to clarify its written information policies regarding data retention and data sharing among its business units.

    Everyone appears to be concerned over the fact that Google will be scanning the text body of all e-mails. The reason for this is so they can attach suitable and relevant advertisements to the email, intelligently based on the content.

    Another quoted concern is "the scanning of confidential email for inserting third party ad content violates the implicit trust of an email service provider".

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    Yeah I have heard nothing but bad things about Google!

    "Suckas get your weight up not your hate up"


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      I use their search engine but that it!!!!
      "Well done is better than well said"



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        They've got a great search engine, but I wouldn't be too happy knowing they are scanning the text of every email message.