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  • New Member.....Hey

    Hello everyone. I'm new here @ IM. But I know alot of you from MuscleChemistry. And my Home BeyondMass and a few other boards I visit. I always keep the name 4play, so some should remember me. But it's good to be here. See alot of good people and family here from the other board.

    Skip the board looks good Bro.

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    Hey 4play....

    I know you from BM.....and I think I recall seeing you at MC also.

    Glad to have you here man. Lots of crossover b/n IM and BM....

    Hope to see you posing on a regular basis bro.
    [email protected]

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      Whats up 4play I have seen you around on other boards. Welcome to IM!

      "Suckas get your weight up not your hate up"


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        Welcome to the diggs bro!
        Heckman aka "WISE" OLD MAN


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          hey good to see ya!
          "...because I won't accept that I can't."

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            thankz everyone. I'll be posting as my time permits. My days get really busy. I'm up from 7am till 1am mon.-fri. I workout in the morning before going to college, eat every chance I get, work 2nd shift. I try and post during the week as much as possible, and usually catch up on the weekends. Hope to see some of you around.


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              Welcome to IM 4play
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