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Orlando Pro Extreme BB show

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  • SweatMachine
    From what I saw the Judging was right on the money.....

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  • mark mcgwire
    Here's the results

    Charles in Charge

    Written by: Greg Merritt

    Perennially peaked Darrem Charles captured all four judging rounds to win the IFBB Florida Pro Xtreme. In second was a fellow immigrant to Florida, Ahmad Haidar: full, cut, and classically proportioned. Wasp-waisted leg-man Craig Richardson (who failed to place in his only other pro contest) was the surprise of the show, placing third and realizing his lifetime dream of qualifying for the IFBB Mr. Olympia. 40-year-old Willie Stallings placed a well-deserved fourth. It was nearly an all-aesthetics posedown, until Art Atwood overwhelming mass was thrown into the mix.

    Scroll down for prejudging gallery


    1. Darrem Charles*
    2. Ahmad Haidar*
    3. Craig Richardson*
    4. Willie Stallilngs
    5. Art Atwood
    6. George Farrah
    7. Craig Titus
    8. Mike Morris
    9. Garrett Downing
    10. David Henry
    11. Jason Arntz
    12. George Turmon
    13. Quincy Taylor
    14. Idrese Ward-El
    15. Jimmy Canyon
    16. Rodney St. Cloud
    17. Thomas Stellander
    18. Jose Aleves Jorge

    *Qualifies for the 2004 Mr Olympia

    Failed to place: Erwin Marquez, Christian Lobarede, Gianrico Pica, Ntuk Ntuk, Kenny Jones, Charles Duca, Omar Borrelli, Rod Ketchens, Mohammed Anouti

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  • homonunculus
    Yep, Darrem won. The results are up on

    I'd post, but the page isn't loading right now...


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  • SweatMachine
    started a topic Orlando Pro Extreme BB show

    Orlando Pro Extreme BB show

    Went to the show this weekend..... $50 minimum for tickets, small little venue, poorly organized, and MC'ed by Shaw ( Mr. Boring ) Ray. Dareem Charles was great, Titus was better than he was at the Arnold, Art Atwood was MONSTEROUS, but for the most part is was very boring and not worth the time, toruble or money. We left befor it was over, there was 38 competitors we left at # 28. I couldnt take much more. Lots of guys from S. America and the middle east
    I'd put money on D. Charles winning the over all, but I'll have to read about it I guess....