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  • just a small bump

    I just wanted to say how greatfull I am for all the help that skip gave me durning my prep. I really thought I could do this on my own after working with skip last year but come to find out nothing I did last year worked this time around. So for anybody that thinks they can take the advice skip gives you and do it on your own think again you body changes so fast nothing will be the same. even my last weeks prep and shitload is diffrent this time around.

    Thanks buddy its been a long 18 weeks and a VERY tough one trying to figure out what the hell is going on with my body but together we pushed though it and come out on top looking bigger and much better than last year.

    I look forward to next summer to get the chace to work together again. Hope I wasnt to much of a pain in the ass and next year lets come in at 250