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  • Cartoons....

    Why aren't they good anymore? Man, those of us who grew up in the 80's and early 90's had it all.
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    Ya, the good ol days!!! Bugs Bunny and the Roadrunner hour.
    Yosemite Sam! Johnny Quest!!
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      G-Force... Superfriends...


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        OOH RAHH!!
        Heckman aka "WISE" OLD MAN


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          Originally posted by crewcut_usmc
          G-Force... Superfriends...
          damn i just had a flash back to the early 80s with g-force

          remember starblazers

          the theme:

          fighting wiht the gamalons
          we wont stop until weve won
          evil men with evil schemes
          they cant destroy our dreams

          we strong and brave
          our homes...............weve got to save

          if we dont in just one year
          mother earth will dissapear

          i couldnt remember that if someone asked me it just popped in my dome.
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            How about Quick Draw McGraw?


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              scooby doo.
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                Gi Joe, Speed Racer,and Thundercats,Last but not least, He man, O and I for got tranformers. They were the shit!


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                  Yeah man-the 80's had it all-Bugs, scooby, RR, Snoopy,

                  I still like to watch those shows when I can.
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                    I must be old I was watching cartoons in the 70s. Super Friends was the greatest.
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                      Superfriends goes for me too!!! Anyone remember the Fantastic Four?? The Thing, The Human Torch, Dr. Richards, Sue Richards?? So many years ago, gee whizz!!!!


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                        I used to love Wily E. Coyote and the Roadrunner...that was the shiggity shnaz...Anyway...youre right Jay, the cartoons of today arent as "cool"..or maybe we are just growing up? Although, my 3 yr old likes the Rugrats and I must admit..theyre pretty good.

                        Not a cartoon, but I still find myself watching reruns of Saved by the Bell..go figure...

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                          i feel sorry for the youngsters today. all they get to watch is these crappy shows. but on a positive note, he man and ninja turtles seem to be making a comeback!!!

                          heres my life's story as it pertains to cartoons:

                          he-man, ninja turtles, and gi-joe were my faveorites when i was really little.. when i was like 12 i watched X-men and spiderman. a few years later i advanced to dbz.

                          today i like anime.. anybody here watch GTO? its hilarious. definately one of my faveorite animes.. golden boy is pretty funny as well.


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                            Originally posted by saturn
                            I must be old I was watching cartoons in the 70s. Super Friends was the greatest.

                            I'm having trouble trying to remember my fav's.
                            I watched Buggs Bunny, the Road Runner, that caveman guy who ended up on Scooby Doo......Captian CavvVVvveman! The Land Before Time....1/2 cartoon.
                            Oooo, what was that one with the 2 boys who had a friend from the ocean....some big creature. And didn't he have a family?
                            There was another weird show I liked. Hmmm, there's a theme starting.

                            Then in the 80's my boys watched; Fraggle Rock, Ninja Turtles, and such.
                            Then they youngest introduced us to the Rugrats (ick), SpongeBob Square Pants (love him), most anything on Nick-O-Lodian. Now he's into the teenage shows on the Nick channel.

                            God, I need a nap after all that typing.
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