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My trip to Canada

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  • My trip to Canada

    Last weekend I mentioned I was heading over the border to Canada (Niagara Falls) for a bachelor party. It was a blast, 10 guys, no wives or girlfriends! We got there in the afternoon and checked in at the Sheraton next to the Hard Rock. The hotel was pretty nice like Crank said too!

    After we checked in we went straight to the Hard Rock for lunch and beer. This was the first time I've been drinking since New Year's Eve so I had to pace myself. After lunch we wandered up to Clifton Hill and hit a sports bar called Boston Pizza or something to watch the hockey game and keep drinking. After that we went to another bar called Kelsey's for some shots and beer. The guy who's getting married was drinking too slow so we had to get him some shots to help him along. We started him off with lemon drops.

    By now it's about 6:30 pm so we decide to hit the hotel to clean up before we go out for the night. Next stop was the Casino for my degenerate gambler friends. About 5 guys gambled, while the rest of us just wandered around. We stayed there less than two hours but here's the damage report. One guy won $800, another two won $100, and the other two combined to lose approx. $1,500!!

    By now everyone is ready to head to Lundy's lane to the strip clubs, especially the bachelor. We snag a cab and headed to Sundowners to start and then the other places. We get into Sundowners and had to become members of the club (what's the deal with this???). Anyway this place was great, we got in and the place was packed! I'm guessing there's probably 100 girls working and most of them are nice looking. First things first, we order beer and start shopping for the bachelor. He's like a kid in a candy shop...ear to ear smile and his head is moving back and forth like he's watching a tennis match. He's spot a girl and we call her over give her $40 and send him out back to the champagne room. He comes back out about 20 minutes later with that same grin on his kinds looks like this

    I won't bore you with all of the details, but this basically continues for the 5 hours just changing up the girls for him. I think I saw him for a total of 30 minutes all night. Most everyone else spent a good part of the night in the back room as well. The stage show was even better...lots of kissing and licking and can use your imagination here!!

    The next day we tried to total up the damage from there and figure we spent $2,000!!!! That includes the $800 the one guy one at the Casino.

    When I dropped my buddy off at his car the next morning all he could say was thanks for was much better than I could have hoped for. So I guess it was a success.

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    Sounds like you had a good time. I didn't have a bacholor party before I got married. I just hid in the bedroom closet and cried for a few days.
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    Have a nice day.

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      Nice! That's what I like to hear!
      Please tell your boobs to quit staring at my eyes


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        Sounds like a good time, bro...good to hear there was no damage done...other than monetary..but thats to be expected.

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          Originally posted by slide
          Sounds like a good time, bro...good to hear there was no damage done...other than monetary..but thats to be expected.

          Slide it depends on what you call damage. Damage in the sense of breaking things...well there wasn't any of that. But if you mean damage to my boy...well he keeps emailing me calling out the last stripper's name....beyonce!!! I told him at the beginning of the night just pretend that all of the girls have the same name as his fiance, that way if he has a dream about one of them she won't know what he's dreaming about. We told them they're opening a new wing at the bar with the proceeds we spent. He says the wedding is still on as long as we all stick to the same story.